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Craft Your Own Gin at Gin School® Brisbane

Having wowed over 25,000 guests since 2019, we invite you to join our immersive and hands-on gin distilling experience:

  • Learn from our knowledgeable and friendly guides
  • Delve into the rich history and traditions of gin distilling
  • Choose from 180 traditional, Australian, and exotic botanicals to create your unique gin
  • Enjoy a gin-paired cheese & charcuterie plate (with dietary options available)
  • Savour 4 delicious gin-based cocktails
  • Take home a full-sized 500ml bottle of your personally distilled gin
  • Experience it all in a 2-hour session
  • Classes run from Thursday to Sunday every week and can accommodate groups from 2 to 32. 
  • Score up to 50% discount on any products purchased on the day. (Wholesale Price)
NEW 3 Hour Format and new class times From 1st July
Join 25,000 happy Gin Schoolers! At Gin School Brisbane

Master the Art of Gin Distillation with Expert Guidance

Our expert guides, armed with a wealth of gin knowledge and a friendly demeanour, will be on hand to guide you through the gin distillation process. Whether you’re a gin novice or a seasoned enthusiast, you’ll learn fascinating facts and acquire new skills in our inclusive and engaging gin distillation class.

Experience It All in a 2-Hour Session at Our City Gin School®

Within just a 2-hour session, you’ll journey through the world of gin distillation, gaining knowledge, savouring delicious pairings, and crafting your unique gin – a truly memorable and enriching experience.

Savour a Gin-Paired Cheese and Charcuterie Plate

Enhance your gin crafting journey with a delicious cheese and charcuterie plate, expertly paired to complement the distinctive flavours of your gin. It’s the perfect gastronomic accompaniment to your gin distillation experience.

Take Home a Full-Sized Bottle of Your Personally Distilled Gin

The crowning achievement of your gin distillation class? A full-sized, 500ml bottle of your personally distilled gin to take home. Crafted in our unique copper pot stills, your bottle of gin serves as a lasting testament to your skill and creativity.

Delight in a World of Flavours with 180 Botanicals

Select from an array of over 180 botanicals, including an assortment of fruits, herbs, and spices, to create your bespoke gin recipe. Experiment with different flavour profiles and discover the limitless possibilities of gin crafting in our gin distillation class.

A Hands-On Experience: Craft Your Own Gin and Savour Delicious Cocktails

At Original Gin School®, we believe in offering a hands-on experience. Not only will you learn to craft your own gin, but you’ll also have the opportunity to savour four delicious gin-based cocktails during the class. Our expert mixologists will show you how different Flavours can complement your gin, offering an exciting twist to your gin crafting experience.

Give the Gift of a Gin Making Experience

Give a gin lover in your life a Gin School Gift Card and let them distil their own unique flavour.

Gin School

The Ultimate Gin Experience

Eager to embark on your unique gin distillation and artisan cocktail journey? Secure your spot at Original Gin School® today and dive into the fascinating world of gin crafting. With our limited-time special offer and the promise of an enriching, hands-on experience, there’s never been a better time to celebrate the art of gin distillation. We look forward to guiding you on your gin crafting adventure!

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